Life West Rugby: Gladiators & Gladiatrix
Dr. Brian Kelly, President of Life Chiropractic College West and colleague Dr. Bruce Chester, established Life West Rugby in late 2013. As a New Zealander, Dr. Kelly grew up around the game and has a passion for the sport where his countrymen are widely known as the best in the world. His vision for establishing a top-level rugby program was realized on January 11, 2014, when the Life West Men’s team, known as the Gladiators, played their first ever league match – outclassing the Monterey Bay Beach Dogs Rugby Club, 79 points to 10.

From the outset Dr. Kelly wanted to develop a program that showcased excellence in rugby and chiropractic. In an effort to enhance college pride and introduce chiropractic to a wider community; the program provided opportunities for students, alumni, chiropractors and the local community to be involved with the team.

The Gladiators were an immediate success, placing 2nd at the 2014 National Championship in their first season. A remarkable run of strong form saw the team remain unbeaten in regular season play. Ultimately, the first season Gladiators proceeded on to win the Northern California, Pacific North West and Western Conference Championship titles.

As intended, the program continues to grow. We welcome the newly formed Women’s team, the Gladiatrix, who take the field for the first time in January 2015.

Please join us for history in the making!