Where we see our future

A Shared Vision

The visions of the Life West Rugby and Life Chiropractic College West have been intentionally integrated in the creation of the rugby program. The synergy between the creates an amazing program that supports and propels the college’s overall mission.


Life Chiropractic College West Vision

  • Create a brighter future for humanity
  • Develop graduates who are successful and well-respected chiropractors in the world
  • Spread the word about Life Chiropractic College West and chiropractic


Life West Rugby Vision

    • Build a successful program with elite athletes in a high performance environment
    • Instill a great culture and sense of pride
    • Create a pathway for rugby players to have a career in chiropractic by using the program to allows players an opportunity to pursue post-graduate studies and high performance rugby
    • Develop ambassadors for the college, chiropractic, and rugby