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When you ask people around the world what they know about New Zealand, most people will say New Zealanders are known as ‘kiwis’ (a flightless bird that is their national symbol); it has breathtaking scenery (thanks to Lord of the Rings for showcasing this); way more sheep than humans (…. this this is a country that has lamb burgers on the menu) and home of the All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team.

To the uninitiated, the All Blacks are one of the best rugby teams in the world and have been so for over 30 years – winning the last Rugby World Cup in 2011. They have the best winning record of all international teams in all history. Rugby to New Zealanders is like baseball to those in America. It is an important part of the cultural heritage.

So how is the Land of the Kiwis connected to Life West Rugby?

Well, we are fortunate to have a New Zealand native and professional international coach who has taken on the role to oversee the Life West Rugby Program. Coach Adriaan Ferris is former professional player who has taken to coaching with great success and vigor. He has coached professionally in New Zealand and coached internationally with Tonga last year.

So why a New Zealand Coach for the Gladiators?

For one, Kiwis know rugby and with Coach Ferris at the helm, Life West has someone who really knows the game and has coached at the highest level of the sport. He knows what is required for the rugby program to reach unprecedented levels of success. Life West Rugby has one of the best and most well credentialed coaches in the United States.

We are going to interview him before the start of the season. What would you like to know from him? (email us your comments)